Box Office Predictions (21-23rd June) Results

Wow I was so off this week, my predictions were terrible. However it’s been a great weekend for the studios, cinema profits in decline my ass. Monsters University took the weekend with a stellar taking over the weekend. However Pixar’s take wasn’t shocking at all, what was shocking is Brad Pitts War on Zombies which took an unbelievable second place. Man of Steel failed to fly above the new comers but hardly bombed with a respectable take in third place. Go watch some movies and let’s look at the breakdowns.


Returning Films

Last weekend we saw an incredible opening weekend for Man of Steel earning itself a total of $116M over the 3 day weekend, that figure dropped 66% for this weekend. This figure was a lot lower than I predicted but in hind sight it isn’t all that shocking. Zombie films draw in young adult males and even Monsters University would have taken its viewing target away from Superman. This is the End did respectably this weekend with $13M.

New Films

Monsters University



Knowing that the past 11 films Pixar has released all came in a 1# at the box office should have given me an inkling as to the results this weekend, but no I thought that it being a prequel to an old film might hurt its chances and boy was I wrong. It went on to make $82M this weekend.

World War Z



How did this film make $66M? Everyone thought with the thousand rewrites and multiple reshoots and the ballooning budget that this would be an epic flop. But somehow this film might be a shocking win this summer depending on how it earns over the coming weeks. Not sure if it was Brad Pitt or the idea of an action Zombie film, but an interesting figure from this weekend is that 66% of the audience were Women.

My Prediction

  1. Man of Steel: -$70M
  2. Monsters University: -$65M
  3. World War Z: -$40M
  4. This is the End: -$12M
  5. Now You See Me: -$6M
  6. Fast & Furious 6: -$6M
  7. The Purge: -$4M
  8. The Internship: -$3M
  9. Epic: -$3M
  10. Star Trek Into Darkness: -$2.5M

Actual Results

  1. Monsters University: -$82M (+17M)
  2. World War Z: -$66M (+26M)
  3. Man of Steel: -$41.2M (-28.8M)
  4. This is the End: -$13M (+1M)
  5. Now You See Me: -$7.8M (+1.8M)
  6. Fast & Furious 6: -$5.7 (-0.3M)
  7. The Internship: -$3.4M (+0.4M)
  8. The Purge: -$3.4M (-0.6M)
  9. Star Trek Into Darkness: -$3M (+0.5M)
  10. Iron Man 3: -$2.1M(N/A)

Well that’s my views. Now what do you think about this weekend and its new releases?

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15 responses to “Box Office Predictions (21-23rd June) Results”

  1. Jack Flacco says :

    Gotta love the action zombie movies!


  2. atothewr says :

    I would have thought the same thing about Superman, surprised it lost as much as it did.


  3. boxofficebuzzab says :

    Last weekend was a real surprise. I definitely didn’t see that strong performance from World War Z coming!


  4. Gene says :

    Kind of a weird weekend, no? Animated monsters, hyped up zombies and superpowered aliens raking in nearly $190 million! What kind of country is this, lol.


  5. lukebbtt says :

    A large hit at the box office doesn’t necessarily mean success. For example ,World War Z already had a big following, so people were always going to show up, no matter the quality.


  6. Eric @ The Warning Sign says :

    World War Z did a hell of a lot better than I expected. Crazy weekend.


  7. Nick Powell says :

    I completely underestimated this week’s Box Office as well. Really hurt my numbers lol


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