Box Office Predictions (28-30th June) Results

I was so close this weekend, most of my predictions where pretty close but no White House Down had to crash and burn and throw off my numbers. My numbers were off by $25.2M over the top ten. But other than WHD the new releases did well and all returning films did some good numbers. So other than WHD the films this weekend did as expected. Go watch some movies and let’s look at the breakdowns.


Returning Films

Last weekend we had some surprises but not this weekend, well except for one new comer. Monsters University did well last weekend and only lost 44% this weekend for a solid score of $45.6M. World War Z shocked last weekend with big numbers and held on respectable numbers of $29.8M. Man of steel took a softer drop this weekend losing 49% making $20.8M.

New Films

The Heat



The two strong leads two strong leads and lack of comedies for women allowed for this film to take second place with ease. I had a feeling this would do better than I predicted after all it had a lot going for it, however I didn’t see it taking the new comer top spot above White House Down. Well done ladies.

White House Down



This film had two massively popular stars, one big time director and a big budget. So the question really to ask is why did this fail so spectacularly. Seriously this is a weak total, $25M is terrible considering the budget of $150M. The film isn’t going to garner anything good internationally so it’s yet another bomb for a big budget film, joining the ranks of The Last Stand, Beautiful Creatures, Bullet to the Head, The Host, Jack the Giant Slayer, After Earth and The Internship. Lots of failed movies this year.

My Prediction

  1. Monsters University:   -$42M
  2. White House Down:   -$40M
  3. The Heat:   -$38M
  4. World War Z:   -$30M
  5. Man of Steel:   -$22M
  6. This is the End:   -$8M
  7. Now You See Me:  -$4M
  8. Fast & Furious 6:  -$3M
  9. The Purge:  -$2M
  10. Star Trek Into Darkness:  -$2M

Actual Results

  1. Monsters University:   -$45.6M (+2.7M)
  2. The Heat:   -$39.1M (+1.1M)
  3. World War Z:   -$29.8M (-0.2M)
  4. White House Down:   -$25.7M (-15.2M)
  5. Man of Steel:   -$20.8M (-1.2M)
  6. This is the End:   -$8.7M (+0.7M)
  7. Now You See Me:  -$5.5M (+1.5M)
  8. Fast & Furious 6:  -$2.4 (+0.6M)
  9. Star Trek Into Darkness:  -$2M (+0M)
  10. The Internship:  -$1.4M (N/A)


Well that’s my views. Now what do you think about this weekend and its new releases?

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12 responses to “Box Office Predictions (28-30th June) Results”

  1. Nerdy Girl Ramblings says :

    I saw the Heat and I thought it ended up being much funnier than I expected! I was definitely pleasantly surprised.


  2. The Celtic Predator says :

    So glad that WHD disappointed at the BO, because there have been SO MANY COMMERCIALS for it, over and over.


  3. atothewr says :

    I think I hear a toilet flushing – wait that’s The Lone Ranger – hi ho silver indeed. I really want to see this movie tank this weekend. I’m just so tired of the overlong, over hyped movie. What do you think it will do opening weekend?


    • Tim The Film Guy says :

      You can find out on later today 😀

      But really low, over 5 day weekend maybe $60M but over the 3 day weekend around $35M. To understand how epic a fail that is, it would need to make over $70M in its first 3 day weekend to break even haha xD


  4. Mel says :

    Do you play Hollywood Stock Exchange? I love that game.


  5. ruth says :

    I’m quite surprised that White House Down didn’t do well. I really thought it’d be a hit given Channing’s popularity but it actually opened below Olympus Has Fallen which only had half its budget?? Ah well, I guess maybe Channing’s magic has worn off, ahah. I’ve never been a fan of his but I know he’s got legions. Not surprised that Pixar wins again, hard to compete w/ kids movies these days, esp since school is out.


    • Tim The Film Guy says :

      It was rather shocking, nearly half my prediction. Star power just isn’t enough anymore. Next weekend should be interesting because I think The Lone Ranger will be another epic fail 😀

      Got Despicable Me 2 competing with it as well, haha not that it will be much of a competition xD


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