Ben Affleck as Batman: My Totally Unbiased Opinion

I know a lot of you would like to hear my crazy ranting anger over this news and believe me it’s there. But first I’d like to look at both sides of the coin…and then go ballistic at the end. First we’ll see Affleck’s accomplishes and why he may be good in the role, I’ll include arguments from around the web and plenty of MEME’S. Then lastly I will discuss the problems I see and other angry nerds have voiced around the world. This should be…fun.

If you like the post then I may do more casting reactions or something similar again. Please enjoy and I look forward to some interesting comments.


The Argument for:


Ben Affleck has evolved as an actor; he once was considered one of the worst actors around after films like Pearl Harbor, Daredevil and Gigli. But over recent years he has demonstrated far better range as an actor. Films Like The Town and Argo helped Affleck become an Oscar winning dynamo! But Batman requires something more (only nerds believe this).


Another point is that they were looking for an older Batman and now that Affleck is 41, he fits it quite well and the fact that he doesn’t appear to age means that he could play the role for a while, we may even get a Hugh Jackman style staying power (I can’t see Affleck bulking up though). I believe he is also about the same height as Henry Cavill which proportionally sounds about right.


Last thing on the good side is that having Ben Affleck as Batman suggests that the rumours of him directing the Justice League film will be coming to fruition. After all Ben Affleck says he doesn’t want to direct any film that he isn’t starring in, and you can’t have Justice League without Batman. This does raise a problem though, I don’t think he has ever done a role well unless he is directing himself and with Batman/Superman film he’ll have to be directed by Zack Snyder.


The Argument Against:


I had the horrible misfortune to hear this news as soon as I woke up when I checked twitter and the image above is pretty close to my initial reaction, but then I thought this could just be another rumour like so many before. Seemed like one of those tricks that get spread just to get a reaction from us nerds, but as the hours passed it became more and more real.


Then it was official and I just couldn’t freaking believe it! I must have read hundreds of posts about who should play the next batman and in none of them did the name Ben Affleck appear. Personally I would have felt safer with any other choice; I disagree with many but would change my mind if it meant replacing Affleck. I haven’t got a problem with Affleck himself I just don’t think this is the role for him and I am far from unjustified in my opinion.


I know people like to point out how people reacted to Heath Ledger as the Joker and Jack Nicholson as the Joker and Bat nipples on Batman and we came around to all of those. I do believe we have to wait and see on his performance but I am allowed to freak out and have my totally negative opinions.


I have also been wonder about who Matt Damon will be playing and whilst playing Robin makes me laugh I have a far more disturbing theory. What if he played Lex Luthor, no seriously think about it. He recently played a bald guy, he’s pretty damn famous at the minute and with such a big project involving Ben Affleck you know he’s going to there somewhere.

The response to Justin Bieber put me in tears.

The difference between Ben Affleck and likes of Ledger and Daniel Craig is that we have a full understanding of his acting ability. Mute and dull. I can imagine him as a billionaire maybe but as the dark crusader who brings fear to hardened criminals I don’t see it at all! Affleck scaring anyone is just not right in my mind, seriously can’t picture it at all.

Surprisingly Balanced opinion

Honestly though all in all I think this will go one of two ways. Ben Affleck will both crack under the pressure and risk the rage of a million nerds or he will rise to the challenge like many before him and deliver to us a truly great Batman performance. Time will tell I truly hope he does better than I expect him to. Prove me wrong Affleck, prove me wrong.


This probably matters more than anything for the film.

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68 responses to “Ben Affleck as Batman: My Totally Unbiased Opinion”

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  2. The Celtic Predator says :

    Hey, as far as I’m concerned, after the triple-success of ‘Gone Baby Gone,’ ‘The Town,’ and ‘Argo,’ Ben can ruin ANY of my childhood favorite superheroes he wants 😉


    • Tim The Film Guy says :

      Well good for you, I would prefer if he didn’t ruin anything 😀

      Am sure he can do the role, doesn’t really take much but I do hope he plays a more stoic and less aggressive Batman, like the animated ones. In control 😀


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