Game of Thrones – Season 4 (Trailer #2) Review

BRING ON APRIL! Game of Thrones will coming real soon and this latest trailer was so good that I felt compelled to review it. I have always considered Game of Thrones to be a really long movie each season so it’s a good place to start doing TV trailer reviews. The new season looks great and having read the books I know where it’s going so trust me it looks very promising. I won’t spoil anything but I may mention which new characters to look out for. Enjoy the review and please tell me your initial reactions to this new trailer, more so if you disagree.

“If you want justice, you’ve come to the wrong place”


My Score: A

Release date: 6th April 2014


Season 4 will be mostly based on the second half of A Storm of Swords, the third book in the A Song of Ice and Fire series by George R.R. Martin, but also some material may be added from the fourth and fifth books (which run concurrently alongside the end of the third book and each other).

Way too much to put into a small synopsis.

What I liked

#8. The Purple Wedding


The sequel to the Red Wedding will be an event for a couple of reasons. That’s all I am going to say, however it’s going to be a hell of a time of scenes both party and otherwise. Great part in the book.

Here is my favourite quote.

“My own wedding is looking much better in hindsight.” – Tyrion

#7. Jaime Lannister and His Left Handed Adventures


He is going to be a character to watch this season. After his dark and very humbling experiences in the north, Jaime is a changed man and in the books at least he is one of the nicer characters. Something that maybe hard to expect out of captain incest but we’ll soon see.

#6. City of Meereen


I believe that this is Meereen a rather massive city in or around Slaver’s Bay, my memory is a little hazy so forgive me if I am wrong. That city looks amazing, great CG and just the scale is massive. Why does she want Kings Landing? I mean look at it!

#5. Tyrion Is Not Going To Have A Great Time


I’ll be honest if I had to say who will most likely get the worst of it this season, Tyrion would be up there. Last season he had a pretty good time (for this series) and well that’s going to change pretty damn quick. Good luck Peter, I look forward to your acting.

#4. SIEGE!!!


Looks like we will not only get a siege this season but maybe two sieges. We have Dragon lady trying to take the slave city of Meereen, and well that’s going to be a job and a half. On the other side of the world we have the wall in the north being invaded by the wildlings, that’ll be fun.

#3. The Mountain vs. The Red Viper


This I know! This duel between Ser Gregor Clegane ‘The Mountain’ (he cut off the horses head in season 1) and Prince Oberyn Martell ‘The Red Viper’ (new to the series) Will be EPIC!!! The Red Viper is a great character and so am really just looking forward to that, George R. R. Martin said he nailed the audition so yay.

#2. There Be White Walkers


It wouldn’t be Game of Thrones without a little White Walker tease. However if we don’t get more than a snowed out slow walk I will lose it. We need a proper Walker attack, I need armies of the undead!

#1. DRAGONS!!!


This looks EPIC!!! That is a gnarly looking dragon. Still not fully grown yet, well at least in my mind but that is definitely more like it. Can’t wait until their ridden into battle.

What I Didn’t Like

This comes out in April. We are in mid-February. That. I don’t like that.

New Poster


Well that’s my views. Now what do you think about this newest trailer?

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33 responses to “Game of Thrones – Season 4 (Trailer #2) Review”

  1. ianthecool says :

    I just burned through S3 on bluray over the last two days. Bring it on!


  2. Novroz says :

    I really want to know what happen with Dany and her dragons…and look at that dragon.
    Too bad I am not too keen with its gratuitous sex scene and nudity in this series.


  3. ruth says :

    Cool dragons! It doesn’t look like one you’d want to train though, ahah.


  4. twofeetcreep says :

    Forgot how much I loved this series until reading your trailer review. That April premiere date is trying to bring me down. Really looking forward to seeing how Jamie’s character evolves. I think they did the attack on King’s Landing very well, and am very much looking forward to another big battle. The siege on Meereen ought to be fantastic!


    • Tim The Film Guy says :

      Thanks and yeah its still too long a wait. If I had to guess I’d say there will be a big siege in episode 9 because 1 it’s always the big event ep and 2 it’s directed by Neil Marshall who did Black water 😀

      Think his siege maybe the wall though. As his background is more horror. Should be good 😀


  5. caragale says :

    I CAN HARDLY CONTAIN MY EXCITEMENT. Nice breakdown of an awesome trailer, my friend! 😀


  6. Hypersonic55 says :

    Hey Tim, great highlights yo. The waiting period for this show has been killing me especially after the ending of season 3. I need this epicness in my life again! 😀


  7. evelynw89 says :

    I’m so looking forward to April 6th!! The trailers looks amazing and very promising! I don’t read the books so I;m a little lost. Who’s the mountain? I don’t remember that horse chopping scene. But is he the brother of the haund? Also in the trailer it’s sometimes hard to hear who is saying what. I also had a discussion on youtube about it. Who is saying “Rob Stark is dead” at 0:23? en “He’s betrayed by his own man? at 0:36. I got different answers. I think we’ll have to wait and see! I also wrote something about this trailer on my blog btw 🙂


    • Tim The Film Guy says :

      Bring on April! 😀

      The Mountain is the hounds brother. His brother Clegane is the one who burned his face. They do not get along and the mountain is not somebody you want to meet. Let alone Duel.

      “Rob Stark is dead” was said by Boltons son I think and “betrayed by his own men” was definitely said by Stannis 😀

      I will try and check out your post 😀


  8. Writer Loves Movies says :

    Can’t wait for this. I haven’t read the books but I’m totally invested in the TV series! Bring on April!


    • Tim The Film Guy says :

      Well luckily the tv series is pretty damn accurate to the books. So you won’t be missing too much 😀


      • Writer Loves Movies says :

        That’s good as too often dramatised versions stray far from their source material and fail to live up to it. I have been tempted to read them though, but I wondered if it might spoil my enjoyment of the series as the cliffhangers are so great. Would you recommend reading them, or sticking just with the tv series?


        • Tim The Film Guy says :

          Well with me I had read two of the books by the time the series came on so it wasn’t really a choice. I wouldn’t say reading the books ruins it because I still get so excited and I where about that it’s going. However I’d stick to the series for now. You can always go back to the books after they’ve both finished and see for yourself 😀


  9. sidekickreviews says :

    Wow that dragon is getting huge! I can’t wait for the Red Viper duel. Can’t they get the actor who played the Mountain from Season 1, he was badass – that the horse chopping scene!


  10. Glittering-Diamonds says :

    Crap, I forgot to watch the last episode of season3! So stoked for it coming back … even if I am behind on episodes XD


  11. theipc says :

    The new trailer gives me goosebumps and I love this post : )


  12. The Celtic Predator says :

    This looks fantastic! Great trailer. As someone who’s never read the books, I’m amazed that people were able to keep track of so many characters without actual faces to recognize them. Some people (myself included) think that the narrative may actually work better as a TV show since you can latch onto and recognize people’s faces even if you can’t memorize all their names.

    Also, I’m stoked for the maturing dragons! I think their design looks as good, if not better, than the design of Smaug and the dragons from ‘Reign of Fire’ (2002).


    • Tim The Film Guy says :

      Its far too rich in characters to be a movie. Really glad it’s in a 10 episode series. Even in this they miss stuff and this fourth series is only half a book. It’s one of the biggest in saying that 😀

      Yeah they have given a lot of time and attention to those Dragons but It really pays off In those scenes 😀


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