The Opinions Are In & The Vote Is Finished

I needed you to vote for my next feature post and you did, more than I expected. I do have some other posts in the timeline such as the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer #2 review and the X-Men Days of Future Past film review. However the first feature post will be coming out next Friday. I didn’t mention this in the last post but all of the feature posts will be done but the order will be by the most votes. Check out the winner and the exact details on what they will be after the break.


Well here are the results and clearly voting is over. Surprisingly spread-out results. I clearly have a more diverse group of readers than I initially thought.

#1The Good Points To Films I Hate


Winning the vote with 11 votes making up 22% of the vote we have the one post on this vote I didn’t want to win. Why? WHY?! Why do you hate me so much? You know I have insane levels of anger towards some catastrophes in film. This may figuratively kill me. Now then as I promised here are more details.

Official Title: – Good Points To Films I Hate Part 1: The Last Airbender

This won’t be a review but more of an opinion piece, so no scores or relative review structure. The post will just be a feature including the highlights (if I can find any) such as moments of hilarity or diamond acting in the turd that is any movie feature. Look for meme’s and disguised insults.

#2A Comic Nerdy Opinion Post


Coming in second with 8 votes making up 16% of the vote we have the post I wanted to win the most. You know I like my own opinions and I am massive comic nerd so here comes some posts around comic/film/nerdy. This should be fun the last one was very popular. Now then as I promised here are more details.

Official Title: – Superhero Casting Calls: Batman V Superman

This post will mostly follow the same path as the last post I did on the casting of Ben Affleck as Batman but will feature all the new castings and what I think of them from a comic book point of view. Sorry if this wasn’t the post you wanted but the option I gave you was very vague and this is a post I have wanted to do for a while. If you want something else then by all means tell me in the comments. But everyone seemed to like the other one and it’s one of my biggest commenters, views and likes.

#3Horror Films of the Summer


Coming in third with 7 votes making up 14% of the vote we have the most terrifying post on the list mwahaha. I like my horror films and there are always some fun horror films getting released. Surprised this one got so many votes but then again I know a lot of my readers are into horror films (good company) so it shouldn’t be too much of a stretch. Now then as I promised here are more details.

Official Title: – Most Anticipated Horror Films Of Summer 2014

This one may come a bit late as it will at least be June by the time I release it. However most on the list may be difficult to watch and could still be used to advice on what good horror films are coming out. I will warn you that I have come to hate haunted house films so don’t expect any on this list.

#4A New Top Ten List


Coming in fourth with 6 votes making up 12% of the vote we have the best of the best post. Haven’t done a top ten in quite some time. People always love a top ten list so I wasn’t surprised it got votes. Now then as I promised here are more details.

Official Title: – Top Ten Monster Movies

That’s right MONSTERS!!! Who does like a good monster movie? Also think it’s pretty relevant with a current trend of making big monster movies. You know Godzilla 2 is coming soon as possible.

#5Some Kind of Anime Post


Coming in fourth with 5 votes making up 10% of the vote we have the most surprising feature to win votes. I love me some anime and in recent years they have made some excellent shows in a wide range of genres. And I know a lot people have never given it a look so I’d quite like to right this. Now then as I promised here are more details.

Official Title: – The Anime Feature: 5 Best Action Series

The first in a series of best of anime posts will be the 5 best action anime TV series. The anime has to have been released since the year 2000 and have a short release. 50 episodes or less, so no 400 episodes of Dragonball Z. Now Action is an easy one but I will also be looking at Comedy, Drama and Horror eventually.

Other Votes

There were other posts on the vote but I think five should do for now. As for the other votes people entered, well one was pretty interesting but the other was a little nuts but here they are.

#1 – Actors from TV going into film. How many make it? Who have tried and failed?

Interesting idea and I wouldn’t mind making this post eventually. It is a tricky business going from one media to another and is very rarely successful. Good suggestion.

#2 – The Sexiest Nude Octogenarians of Abu Dhabi

I know who suggested this and I will not be writing this post no matter how many searches referrals I am sure I’d get. However I will visit your site if you post this. Clearly you have certain tastes and that’s hmm okay well that’s all for this.

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21 responses to “The Opinions Are In & The Vote Is Finished”

  1. Ben says :

    Like the idea of putting posts up for votes. I’ll look out for them (sure you’ve probably posted them all already but I’m way behind on my blog reading).


  2. boxofficebuzzab says :

    Looking forward to these posts! I admire you for trying to find good in the Last Airbender. 😉 It will be a difficult task!


  3. mikeyb @ screenkicker says :

    This goes to prove – democracy doesn’t work!


  4. Three Rows Back says :

    The Sexiest Nude Octogenarians of Abu Dhabi. I’ve changed my mind; I wanna see this!


  5. Victor De Leon says :

    I wanna see more nerdy opinion posts! (with a little bit of horror peppered through-out) Sorry, Tim, I missed the voting process. Ugh. 🙂


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