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I have missed a few trailers so I am going to just put them all into one mini review post. Friday is for my first poll feature post: Good Points To Films I hate. I have three trailers which I quite liked and I hope you feel the same, however if you disagree don’t be shy and tell me in the comments. Enjoy the reviews and please tell me your initial reactions to these new trailers, more so if you disagree.


Big Hero 6 (Teaser Trailer #1) Review

I am weirdly into this film; it’s the first of its kind. This film is a Disney animation of a Marvel property. It’s very loosely based of the comic of the same name which I think is the right direction for a Disney film. Its set in some kind of city called San Fransokyo a mix between San Francisco and Tokyo which should be interesting. I get why because originally the Big Hero 6 was a superhero team set up in Japan featuring Japanese heroes and antiheroes in some cases. Onto the teaser though, I like the look, the music is proper superhero style and I like the humour.


Best Part:


Kingsman: The Secret Service (Trailer #1) Review

If you just described this film to me I wouldn’t really be interested but the trailer really sold me on this film. I like the idea of a talented person under bad circumstances being given an opportunity, the idea alone is fun to watch but if done right can be an amazing plot. Secret Service style films are hit or miss but mostly hit and this one looks interesting. The cast is pure talent and well the director is Gold, I’d watch anything he made.


Best Part:


Guardians of the Galaxy (Trailer #2) Review

Okay I liked the first trailer but felt like I needed more to really get a feel for the film and well this trailer did just that. We have more 80’s music, character time, dialogue and a lot more visuals which look fantastic. We get to hear Rocket Racoon which is great, we see Ronan who looks cool and glimpses of space battles which I am loving, you just don’t see space battles anymore.


Best Part:



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6 responses to “Mini Trailer Reviews”

  1. boxofficebuzzab says :

    Saw the trailer for Big Hero 6 during Maleficent, looks like it could be fun. I didn’t realize it was Marvel, that makes me more excited for it! I’m really pumped for Guardians of the Galaxy now, and I have a good feeling about it. Hopefully it will do well at the box office!


  2. Hypersonic55 says :

    Great summaries of these trailers yo, the one that surprised me the most was Kingsman, I didn’t see the trailer until it was shown on TV the other day. Like you the description for the film didn’t sound interesting at all, but the trailer, damn, that made me really interested in this film. I can’t wait to see what Matthew Vaughn does with this film. As for the other trailers, Big Hero 6 I have been following for AGES, so to finally see more footage beyond that tiny footage released back in 2012 is great. The tone, art and animation and music from the teaser gets me so hyped for the film. And GotG, I’m liking it, I’m liking it a lot, I pray that the film works out.


    • Tim The Film Guy says :

      Glad you agree with me. I trust Vaughn. Big Hero 6 looks very promising and GOTG has never looked better 😀

      Thanks for the comment. Sorry for late reply. Just got computer back 😀


  3. Tom says :

    Good stuff Tim, the new trailer for Guardians really is great. I would have been perfectly okay with only getting the one trailer but the second definitely reveals more. Can’t wait for that!! And I totally am with ya about Kingsman: Secret Service. These kinds of films are hit or miss for me as well but that looks like a gooden


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