Good Points To Films I Hate Part 1: The Last Airbender

This will not be a review this is more of an opinion piece, so no scores or review structure, in fact it’s a Q&A between me myself and I. The post will just be a feature including the highlights (if I can find any) such as moments of hilarity or diamond acting in the turd that is this movie. Look for meme’s and disguised insults, I mean compliments just compliments.


Story: 10%       Acting: 0%      Characters: 5%      Dialogue: 0%

Kids/ Action and Adventure: 5%      Style/Sound: 5%      Visuals: 10%

Total: 5%

Suppressing true feelings now!


So Tim what did you like about the story?

This one is actually pretty easy. The original animated show was brilliant and even if you take a hundred stupid liberties with the adaptation at its core it’s got the basic outline of the shows story. So we have the mythology and setting of the show with none of the good script writing and depth to character.


You didn’t like ANY of the Acting?

Well I quite liked Shaun Toub who played Uncle Iroh. Whilst the character is completely different he played a good wise mentor to Zuko. Shaun Toub also plays the scientist in the cave with Tony Stark in the first Iron Man. Dev Patel who plays Zuko is also a good actor, we have seen this in Slumdog Millionaire but the dialogue in this film was atrocious and he never had a chance. Plus Zuko’s story is one of rejection and redemption; it’s hard to do that in a film series. Everyone else was garbage pure garbage.


Who’s your favourite character?

Sokka, definitely Sokka. He was just so bad that he passed from being boring to hilariously so bad it’s good. I love to think how his career went after this and after checking its bad, Twilight films and stuff I have never heard off. No film above 48% on RT. This starting to hurt, the cast in this film is awful!


What about the Talky talk?

My mum says if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all.

Must have liked some of the action. Right?

Hmm well the erm. Yeah maybe…no. Oh no wait there is the moment before the fire nation attacks the water tribe and the leader of the defences does a war cry. It is the funniest thing in this film, I actually had to walk away from watching it when I was doing my last review. Here’s a clip.

What about the funky music?

This isn’t something I ever noticed when I watched the film. I was far too distracted by the other terrible elements of the film to even think about it. That being said the music wasn’t bad just not good. As for some music I liked the more subtle stuff wasn’t too bad. Like dialogue moments.

And that films visuals must have been crazy good. What did you think Tim?

Alright I will ignore most of the visuals and say that in the moments where all of the humans are taken out the scene the visuals look really quite good. For example the scene with the giant wave taking out the Fire nation ships or the other waves. They did really good waves.


I really hate this but I did think about looking up some reviews from people who liked it and I found one that was really into this film. His review baffles me but it is pretty funny in its wrongness. The Good Review

If this post has irritated you like me then here are some remedies.

An Honest trailer for laughs:

My Honest review/rant of the film from my first Shitfest entry:

Shitfest Post

And lastly for fans of the show here is one of my favourite scenes:

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16 responses to “Good Points To Films I Hate Part 1: The Last Airbender”

  1. Ben says :

    I’ve never seen the original show and had no context going in but I could see how much of a huge missed opportunity this was. Such a cool concept and world with so much potential that ultimately delivered a “meh” movie. Good post!


  2. boxofficebuzzab says :

    This was such a great, well-made movie. Just kidding! 😉 The Last Airbender is so awful. I loved that “Honest Movie Trailer” — if only I had seen that instead of the official trailer released by the studio. Fun post!


  3. Leo Craven says :

    I can count on one hand how many movies I’ve turned off less than half way thru…”The Last Airbender” was one of those. Nice job on finding something nice to say…you’re a better man than I am, lol!


  4. Three Rows Back says :

    Not a film I think I will ever bother with!


  5. mikeyb @ screenkicker says :

    Found this in the review you linked to – “I think this is The Neverending Story for the Harry Potter generation”! Hahah excellent!


  6. theipc says :

    Great Post!


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