5 Ways to Do the ‘Predator’ Sequel Right (Reblog)

Great post from ScreenRant.com. I completely agree with their points. Make sure you click the link for the full post.

Adaptations are the craze in Hollywood lately and if a studio isn’t developing a big budget comic book movie like The Avengers: Age of Ultron or Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, then they are looking for preexisting properties that are ripe for some reinvigoration. Just next year, we’ll get Jurassic World, Terminator: Genesis, and Star Wars: Episode VII trying to prove that the old can be new again.


Now, we can add another project to that ever-expanding list – since it has been announced that Iron Man 3 director Shane Black will helm a reboot of the classic sci-fi franchise Predator for Fox. The 1987 original starring Arnold Schwarzenegger was one of the biggest hits the year it came out and has earned its place among the most highly regarded action films of its era. So it shouldn’t come as a shock that some Predator fans are rolling their eyes at the prospect of another entry in the series – regardless of how much they love the world.

While we have to sympathize with the plight of these viewers, it’s important to keep in mind that not all modern sequels (and reboots) are awful. In some instances, they can provide rewarding cinematic experiences that can satisfy old fans and bring in new ones. In the hopes that the Predator reimagining can fit in that category, we have compiled a list of ways to do the Predator sequel “right.” As is the case with our Star Wars spinoffs game plan, this is all subjective, but most will probably agree that these steps could result in an entertaining movie.

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16 responses to “5 Ways to Do the ‘Predator’ Sequel Right (Reblog)”

  1. ThereWolf says :

    Agree with most of that. Not keen on The Rock (or The Stath for that matter) being in it. Erm… or Pratt! Definitely Elba – he’d be the main bloke for me. Wouldn’t mind seeing Renner in there. Set it in Iraq, kind of a Black Hawk Down/ Predator combo going on…

    Or, my own preference – just don’t do it. Tired of prequels and reboots and preboots and requels.


  2. Dan says :

    With Shane Black involved I have higher hopes than I would otherwise. Love the character and have liked the various cinematic incarnations… yes, even AvP 2!


    • Tim The Film Guy says :

      AvP 2? I don’t mind the first but the second is pure garbage. No Dan you should hide that guilty pleasure. I don’t say that very often. Funny to watch with friends though. Crying as i laughed when I was at the cinema with friends 😀


  3. ruth says :

    I have no interest in this franchise [sorry!] but I hope they do this one right per your (and Screenrant’s) suggestions 🙂


  4. contentforyou1254 says :

    There of course was a sequel, which actually was not that bad considering Danny Glover was the best leading man they could come up with
    I think the mistake that is the most common is throwing money at it, Bad boys was a great lowish budget movie followed by a big budget disaster.
    Story is not often a strong feature of reboots as they seem to depend on the reputation of the original. But we should remember that the original was a new jump in effects, there was a fair bit of stuff such as the ‘now you see him now you don’t’ camouflage alien we we had never seen before. So to contradict myself they should also consider ground breaking effects as the original provided.


    • Tim The Film Guy says :

      Haha its cute you think there’s something Predator related I don’t know about.

      With a great script and talent behind it I am sure they can make something great. Wouldn’t mind some great new visuals either 😀

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  5. Peter B says :

    I wonder if it will turn out that the Predator is actually an idiotic, drug-addicted Predator?

    Seriously though, the original Predator is one of the best of its genre, and I hope that whatever direction the franchise is taken in, they try keep the scale of it down. Predator was effective because the premise was so original and creepy. This thing was hunting humans and hanging their skinned carcasses from trees. When I was a kid, it truly freaked me out.

    Cameron’s Aliens substituted action for horror, and that was fine for the time, it made the sequel distinct from the original. But it set a bad precedent. It’s not so much that sequels are always bigger than the originals. It’s not even that there are too many explosions (though there are too many). It’s that spectacle is substituted for originality. Is it just me, or are both possible?


    • Tim The Film Guy says :

      Haha you saw as a kid too. Fantastic!

      Sequels and reboots are tricky but if the talent and a good script is there then you can make anything into a great film. So there is no excuse for a bad predator film 😀

      Thanks for the comment Peter.


  6. Three Rows Back says :

    I’d heard it was going to be a sequel rather than a reboot. I for one am stoked for it bearing in mind Black’s history with the original.


  7. lukebbtt says :

    If this happens, you might even get a new profile picture.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. The Celtic Predator says :

    I agree with pretty much all these, particularly the point on how remakes should NOT focus on simply rehashing iconic images, phrases, and plot points of the original for cheap nostalgia profit. That is by far the laziest route any remake/reboot could make and is a big reason why most remakes fail — because they don’t try anything new. If I wanted to watch all those iconic moments in my favorite classic films, I’d just go watch the original!

    That’s a big reason why Rodriguez/Antal’s ‘Predators’ (2010) was so boring to me. It had virtually nothing new except a lame cast.

    If the film could embrace other genres besides non-stop action, that would also be highly preferable for the reasons mentioned. I actually think there’s a high chance of this happening seeing as how both Prometheus and Predators, the two most recent entries in each series, were relatively patient (especially by today’s standards) in delivering chills and thrills and didn’t rely on an endless barrages of CGI schlock and explosions to get by.

    The R-rating is probably the hardest to predict IMO. I’d say it has a 50/50 shot of going either way. Either the studios realize the quickest way not to upset the fan base is to go full adult audience and embrace the violence, or they just justify the PG-13 watered down flavor because, regardless of your opinion, it WILL guarantee the widest possible audience demographics and the highest prophets.

    Finally, I really like the idea of a cast led by the Rock (Dwayne Johnson), Statham, Elba, and Pratt (maybe not the last one, as he’s still kinda an enigma to me, but who knows?). Maybe that cast in particular is not perfect, but that wide range of personalities and quality acting is the right idea and mindset to get into for casting this film and filling it with memorable on-screen personas.

    In any case, no matter what happens, this should get interesting 😀


    • Tim The Film Guy says :

      Glad you agreed. Its time to cross fingers really. Horror and action is the line they must follow. Just hope they learn from the first film and from what went wrong in the past. Being a cast member in the first i’d hope he at the very least gets it 😀


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