Summer Box Office 2014 Results

Am Back! And you didn’t even know I left. Sorry for being away from the blog for a while and I may have also neglected some of the blogs I follow. Sorry about that. However I just realised I forgot to review Guardians of the Galaxy and as a result also haven’t read anyone’s reviews. However they are all bookmarked so when my review is out expect some comments.

So to this post, who won the box office this summer, the time of the blockbuster! Some upsets, some shockers and some we easily predicted. Read the rest of the post after the break and leave me a comment.


#10:  22 Jump Street


Always one comedy win of the summer but this one really conquered all the others. Neighbours sadly didn’t make the list but it also did very well.

Box Office Prediction: $260M

Actual Box Office: $308M

#9:  Edge of Tomorrow


Well that certainly wasn’t expected. This film didn’t even make my list before summer and to be honest I didn’t think much about the film before I saw it. Then I saw it, loved it and glad it did well in the box office. Not super great but slightly profitable.

Box Office Prediction: N/A

Actual Box Office: $363M



This may have been a slight disappointment for some of us but it was still a good film and I am glad it’s been making money. Didn’t make as much as I thought but if there were more monster fights and Bryan Cranston then am sure it would have made more.

Box Office Prediction: $520M

Actual Box Office: $507M

#7:  Dawn of the Planet of the Apes


Great film, one of the best this year and deserves every penny.

Box Office Prediction: $590M

Actual Box Office: $554M

#6Guardians of the Galaxy


This film did much better than anyone expected. Had an excellent opening and just kept making money. It’s actually still making money so the final number below will be an educated guess as to where it will finish.

Box Office Prediction: $400M

Actual Box Office: $580M

#5:  How To Train Your Dragon 2


I was way off with this one. The reviews where great but the hype before release was non-existent and sadly this effected the opening weekend. Still made a butt load and more than the first so the third will be out in a few years.

Box Office Prediction: $850M

Actual Box Office: $580M

#4:  The Amazing Spider-Man 2


Me and five other people liked this film but sadly most did not and it did hit Sony the profit section. Hardly a bad total but still taking in less money with each Spiderman film. Not a trend Sony wants to see.

Box Office Prediction: $780M

Actual Box Office: $708M

#3:  X-Men: Days of Future Past


Good film, set of the summer season. Did a little better than I said but not far off.

Box Office Prediction: $720M

Actual Box Office: $744M

#2:  Maleficent


Originally being Number 8 Maleficent did unbelievably well this summer to be the second biggest release of the summer. I mean this live action Disney film set from the villain side of the story somehow beat out every superhero film this year. Definitely an unexpected result this year.

Box Office Prediction: $380M

Actual Box Office: $747M

#1:  Transformers: Age of Extinction


Well at least I didn’t add to that total. Over $1 Billion! That’s insane. What is wrong with the Asian Market? It made $300M+ in China alone. Clearly love their robots but pick some better films.

Box Office Prediction: $900M

Actual Box Office: $1B! ($1,065M)


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28 responses to “Summer Box Office 2014 Results”

  1. wil says :

    After reading your blog, I went to read the plot summary for Maleficent. Like “Frozen,” it’s another movie where the “true love’s kiss” trope is turned on its head, and shared between two women rather than a man and a woman. In this rendition, it wasn’t between two sisters, but rather between a god-mother and her adopted, female ward. There’s some potential in this inversion, which re-locates “true love’s kiss” as between family members rather than between romantic partners, but (if this is a continued trend in Disney’s re-imaginings of classic fairy tales) I want to see it extended beyond female-female relationships (as this is a bit too insular): father/son, brother/brother (there are some cultures where brotherly “kisses” aren’t unusual, mother/son, father/daughter, whatever else. Personally, though, I’m getting a little tired of the inversion already, as it seems like its trying too hard.


  2. Tom says :

    Wait, how is Spider-man 2 at $708 million right now, and Guardians way down at $520? Are those current total grosses?


    • Tim The Film Guy says :

      Actually Guardians is at $507, right now, my estimate is it will end its run at about 520-530.

      Spidey has beaten Guardians simply because its international numbers where so high and its domestic is still pretty good.

      For a new film as out there as Guardians, without a star studded cast, and a pretty unknown comic series. Anything over $500M is incredible. Biggest numbers domestically this year.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. atothewr says :

    Welcome back! It is a shame to see Transformers at Number 1. Amazing to see how close you got with your predictions on most of these. I am also one who liked Spidey 2 by the way.


  4. ruth says :

    Yo Tim! Glad to have you back man. It’s mindboggling Transformers made THAT much money. It’s a darn shame ppl continue to reward Bay for making such abominable movies [if you can even call it that]. Bummer How To Train Your Dragon 2 didn’t make as much as you predicted, it deserves to out-gross Transformers!!


  5. Kristin says :

    Welcome back! I missed you.

    Sad to see a terrible movie like Transformers raking in that kind of money. Ugh. I loved Edge of Tomorrow, X-Men: Days of Future Past, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, and Guardians of the Galaxy though! Can’t say I’m surprised they all have been successful at the box office.


  6. sidekickreviews says :

    Good to see you’re back. I watched all of these except for the #1 haha.


  7. mikeyb @ screenkicker says :

    Welcome back! Although you’ve depressed me now with that Transformers total 😦


  8. Hypersonic55 says :

    Howdy dude, good to see you back in the world of blogging and you better do a review on Guardians, need to hear your opinion on the film as you are the last person I want to hear from.

    As for the summer film money grabbing, you just can’t trust the Box Office any more, far too unpredictable (Maleficent), but in some cases you know what to expect (Transformers 4).


    • Tim The Film Guy says :

      Haha good to be back. Don’t worry i’ll be reviewing Guardians real soon. At least this week 😀

      I think my predictions were pretty spot on for the most part. Still I like a little surprise, its what makes it fun 😀


  9. The Celtic Predator says :

    Yes, Michael Bay’s explosion-thon once again dominates all and never looks back, while droves of mindless, artistically-bankrupt drooling idiots line up time and time again to support this schlock with their hard-earned money. Pig slop is apparently in high demand, because they keep making it and the pigs keep eating it 😛



  10. boxofficebuzzab says :

    Interesting list! I was glad to see Guardians do so well, but wish it would have beat Transformers at the box office. 😉


  11. The Geek Mind says :

    Transformers made what????? Why 😦

    Great to have you back btw!


  12. Parlor of Horror says :

    I am completely suprised at the top 4 considering all the bad reviews from bloggers and regular viewers.


  13. Three Rows Back says :

    Good to have you back Tim! Great list, still need to catch up with some of these.


  14. daviruz says :

    Transformers… 1 billion? Wow…


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