Wer (2014) Mini Review

Here comes another mini review, this time an indie horror film is in my target, also related to werewolves. The film is currently out on VOD, it’s a kind of found footage horror film. But it does have a lot of none found footage scenes. On a none review topic boy does that werewolf guy look like Sébastien Chabal or as he’s nicknamed ‘The Cave Man’ in French Rugby.

I’ll go into much more detail below but give it a try, got trailers and images below. Check it all out and give me a like and a comment at the end.



A defense attorney begins to suspect that her client, who is charged with the murders of a vacationing family, might be more than meets the eye.

Tim’s Film Reviews Maybe Recommended

Story: 75%     Acting: 70%     Characters: 25%     Dialogue: 35%

Horror: 75%     Style/Sound: 70%     Visuals: 85%

Total: 62%


The found footage lite as I call it was pretty good, it allowed for the scenes that make sense under found footage to work but then other scenes such as action scenes and private conversations where filmed using conventional camera work. The Wolfman and other visuals where pretty strong, got some real gruesome kills and messed up corpses. Now the negatives, I HATED the characters. You know you have some of the worse most annoying characters ever created when Tim is siding with the French guy. Although I did lose all respect for the main French police officer after he didn’t insist on keeping the lawyers out of the werewolf hunt. But all in all I am looking forward to Wer 2.




My favourite scene would have to be either the fight between the two Wers. Or any scene after Talan loses it in which he kills everyone with such violent ease. Those three main cast though, my god they were just awful.




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11 responses to “Wer (2014) Mini Review”

  1. Victor De Leon says :

    Just watched and reviewed this. I am glad that it is getting such positive praise. I enjoyed it. My review should post soon. Good job, Tim!


  2. Jack Flacco says :

    The trailer looks awesome. I’m looking forward to watching this.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. sidekickreviews says :

    Haha, yeah that rugger looks Neanderthal , I thought it was prosthetic work from the movie at first glance lol. 🙂


  4. theipc says :

    Sounds good!


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