Interstellar (Final Trailer) Review

I haven’t reviewed any trailers for this film because they don’t really show anything to talk about, and they all looked pretty much the same, McConaughey crying, corn fields and Christopher Nolan’s name in massive bold letters. But this trailer looks pretty cool, got plenty to look at without spoiling anything. The visuals and style of the film looks like it is Nolan in space which is what we all wanted from the film, acting looks solid, and we should be seeing plenty of SCI-FI shenanigans. Enjoy the review and please tell me your initial reactions to this new trailer, more so if you disagree.

“Well we got this far. Farther than any human in history”

“Not far enough!”


My Score: A-

Release date: 7th November 2014


When a wormhole (which theoretically can connect widely separated regions of spacetime) is discovered, explorers and scientists unite to embark on a voyage through it, transcending the limits of human space travel.[1] Among the travelers is a widowed engineer (McConaughey) who has to decide to leave behind his two children to join the voyage with the goal of saving humanity.

What I liked

#6. Downed Drone


Some question marks with this shot. An educated guess is that the drone was used for surveillance research and got clogged up with dust in the frequent dust storms we see. Clearly the world is suffering from the effects of climate change, which often just makes weather conditions more extreme. If you have a dry climate it gets dryer and if you have a humid climate then it gets more humid to the point where it is uninhabitable.

#5. Brilliant Wormhole Effects


I love the twisted mirror effects used to present a wormhole because scientifically you shouldn’t be able to see a wormhole or a black hole, they don’t emit or reflect light they absorb light. Am sure I’ll get plenty of nerdy visuals to enjoy come November.

#4. A Space Odyssey


This film definitely takes a few queues from classic space science fiction and this shot especially reminds me of 2001 A Space Odyssey. This design seems to be some kind of base which stays in orbit like a space station whilst the centre detachable ship launches to the planetary surface.

#3. Minecraft Helper Thing?!


I originally thought this was some kind of alien thing that attacked them based off of older trailers, but I have heard that this is some kind of experimental robot assistant. Not quite sure how it could possibly move, its way of walking is somewhat defying my understanding of physics. It also looks very CGI which might be on purpose, could be some kind of artificial holograph helper.

Honestly am a little stumped on this one. Any ideas what this thing is or how it works?

#2. Look At Whatever That Thing Is!


No idea what that is, looks cool though. There clearly a planet nearby so it isn’t a supernova or black hole forming, that thing would have been wiped out way beforehand. Maybe a solar flare being deflected by something? Don’t really know about that one. Any ideas?

#1. That Ain’t No Mountain


That be a wave! Haha I love lines like this in movies. I especially loved the shot closer up as the camera just kept panning up and up and up. It’s the kind of obstacle that you just have to sit back and say “Well Shit”.

What I Didn’t Like

Not got much really. Am sure this film will be stellar (ha puns). Oh actually there was a scene where they say “now we will leave are solar system” which is fine but then the other guy says “and our galaxy” got to add a super nerdy comment about that. Interstellar travel is where you travel from one star system to another within the same galaxy. Intergalactic travel is where you travel from one galaxy to another galaxy within the same universe.

Now travelling through a worm hole could theoretically do both that’s not my point. This is with the title, better be Interstellar travel if you’re calling it Interstellar. Watch out Nolan because me and five other nerds are watching.


New Poster



Well that’s my views. Now what do you think about this newest trailer?

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37 responses to “Interstellar (Final Trailer) Review”

  1. table9mutant says :

    Trailer was better than the actual movie… Lol 😉

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  2. The Focused Filmographer says :

    Man. I cannot WAIT for next week to see this. I’ve been avoiding the trailers/features since now just to enjoy it when it releases! woohoo


  3. cevans1982 says :

    SOOOO Looking forward to seeing this…two weeks to go! Visually mind-blowing!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. ruth says :

    Can’t wait for this!!! I’ll definitely be seeing this on IMAX!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. boxofficebuzzab says :

    I’m really looking forward to this one, hopefully it will live up to the hype!

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  6. Tom says :

    I am a somewhat unapologetic nerd for space films. This one has gotten to the point where I get a little chubby each time I see these trailers. The second one (maybe third, . . yeah, I actually think it’s the third trailer) I like the most, but this one expands even more and is quite nice too.

    My theory on the robotic legs is that they are some part of the ship that has intelligence and can assist on missions. My suspicions are something goes wrong with them. Something critical is going to go wrong on this mission, you just know it has to. Even with Nolan behind this film it’s an unavoidable cliche with these epic voyage-type films.

    I want to say that the gigantic explosion thing actually is a supernova forming. It’s a truly epic shot because the image looks like a still shot but really that motherf**ker is set to explode and is exploding constantly. We just can’t see it happening because of the vastness of space. That’s my take on that anyway, I’m probably off base. 🙂


  7. Kristin says :

    I think the new trailer is pretty awesome! One thing I’ve really enjoyed about trailers for Nolan movies is that they pique your interest without spoiling the story. I felt that way about the trailers for Inception, especially. Nolan loves tackling these scientific and psychological ideas. The trailer makes the movie look smart, and he’s adding the emotion from the characters. I have no idea what a lot of that stuff in it is where you collected the screenshots, but I’m excited to find out!

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  8. That Moment In says :

    I was with this trailer right up until that walking “Minecraft helper thingy” as you put it. Huh? What is that? It had better be something other than what we expect because it looks dreadful and in a millisecond I was . . . ugh. Please be something good! Anyway, I trust Nolan, and from everything else, it looks like he’s put a ton of thought into this, so I hope whatever that is, it makes sense.
    I’m trying to steer clear of too much exposure to this movie’s pre-release stuff, but I succumbed because your post looks to irresistible. Nice post!


  9. Glittering-Diamonds says :

    As a Nolan Fangirl, I think this is the first film of his that I haven’t been that excited about, I’ll still see it but I don’t know, something is lacking for me :/


    • Veniversum1618 says :

      What about his movies are you a fan of? If its the intellectual capacity, then you wont be disappointed;) though that is the only thing that ties this one to his usual work. The trailers have shown nothing of whats really going on, but I can tell you this movie will open alot of people’s eyes.. 🙂 find me on Facebook if you want to know more. my name is Damian solis 🙂


    • Tim The Film Guy says :

      Well his trailers do tend to be on the vague side, unless its superhero related. You never really know how his films will end. Fingers crossed 😀


  10. lauren says :

    It looks good, but don’t want to get too excited in case I’m disapointed. But with it being a Christopher Nolan movie I’m hoping it will be as good as I’m hoping.

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  11. Three Rows Back says :

    Saw this trailer at the flicks when I watched Gone Girl. Man I can’t wait for this!

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  12. Veniversum1618 says :

    I like the review, but I just want to clarify a few things that I hope help. Everything in this movie is scientifically sound and mathematically correct; what you see, is not someone’s imagination of how a wormhole or black hole should look, it is exactly how they’d look. Black holes aren’t technically holes, so all that mass is bending space under its weight, causing it to appear black. Wormholes on the other hand, yes, bend space as well, but not in the same sense. So you wont find any type of gravity around it, therefore, you’ll see the light of whats on the other side. Cuz this is a true hole. And that black thing with rings, that’s a black hole. Technically it only has one ring, but the massive gravity is bending light around it, creating the illusion of 2 rings. No matter where u are looking at it, it’ll appear the same. This movie, is the most accurate SciFi in history. I hesitate to even call it SciFi. Lol


    • Tim The Film Guy says :

      I love how nerdy this comment is. Thanks for posting.

      1. We cannot know it’s scientifically accurate until we see it.

      2. Wormholes are only in theory. No proof so far they exist, so mostly science fiction.

      3. A wormhole in theory is a gravity well creating a tunnel between two points in space. Great way to get from a to b 😀

      The only reason I nitpick. And I am really nitpicking this trailer is because of my respect for how accurate this film looks and most likely will be.

      Thanks again for the comment. Hope you enjoy the film 😀


      • Veniversum1618 says :

        Haha thanks! I am a proud nerd, looking forward to this movie. We’ll see then:) I’ve followed this movie since it was Spielberg’s. Kip Thorne and his colleagues came up with the story based on their theories, and he’s as close as one gets to understanding any of it. I’ve also read the script lol

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  13. Peter B says :

    Tim, a Nolan movie is probably the closest to a sure thing that exists in Hollywood. He’s the best mainstream filmmaker working today. Memento, Inception, The Prestige, and the Dark Knight Trilogy are all on my list of all-time favorite movies. Even Insomnia, his weakest, is pretty unbelievably good. I was a little troubled by the marketing before now, but this new trailer has shown me the error of my ways. This film is going to be incredible.


    • Tim The Film Guy says :

      He has a great track record. The problem is everyone slips up sooner or later, every great director has made a stinker. I by no means think this will be it but am sure its coming 😀

      Hope you enjoy the film!


  14. The Celtic Predator says :

    I actually like the line first uttered in the 2nd(?) trailer I think it was, “We’ll find a way…we always have.” It was a very humanist statement about mankind’s perseverance throughout history, both against nature and each other. Even though we killed our birth world and our planet is slowly dying, we will find a way to survive and rebuild. Life will go on.

    I also liked another line where one co-star goes, “You can’t think about your family, now you have to think BIGGER than that.”
    To which McConaughey replies, “I AM thinking about my family and about millions of other families out there!”

    Again, this movie’s really building up to be some sort of humanist project about discovery, achievement, and community — pulling together when all odds seem against us. Surprisingly it doesn’t feel so cliched because thankfully this time there aren’t alien armies coming to kill us or some over-the-top 2012/Day After Tomorrow global warming monster storms. It’s more subtle. ‘Interstellar’ seem to be about escaping from a much more plausible, realistic, slow, unexciting death by climate change. That’s the problem with CC — there are no video clips of a polar bear punching a woman in a elevator or climate terrorist videos of people decapitating journalists to get us all riled up. CC is a slow killer, it’s an initially boring threat that’s not terribly “news-worthy,” and that’s why (presumably) it got us in the premise of this film.

    To be honest, I haven’t enjoyed Nolan’s last two films (TDKR and Insheeption), but I got high hopes for this one. It looks to be low on action scenes and high on visuals, thematic concepts, and character development, which are what Nolan does. I just hope the 3-hour-long runtime doesn’t kill the pacing 😛


    • Peter B says :

      Most people only get riled up about stories and scandals that can be observed as they happen. And because most of those stories and scandals are instantly forgotten, we can conclude that they aren’t really that important.

      The really pressing, dangerous problems inch their way along without anyone noticing. Hollywood thrives on sensationalism, but it’s nice to see a film that takes its time, and dares to be thoughtful, dares to slowly build instead of instantly grabbing you with sensory overload. There were people who saw Inception twice because they couldn’t figure out exactly what was happening the first time. Instead of being put off, they got sucked in and wanted to understand. A lot of people don’t get the Prestige at first, either. Nolan believes in challenging his viewers, and he has enough confidence in his own talent to know that they’ll stick with him for the long haul.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Tim The Film Guy says :

      That’s off the first official trailer. Good line, very humanist.

      Yeah I really like the more subtle global warming effects. It will get worse but its a slow killer and we already see it today. Haha polar bear punching a woman in an elevator, ha that would be some subtle story telling 😀

      It doesnt look all that action packed, should be more visual and story driven like you said. I actually read an article on how theater owners are a little angry at nolan for the early release using film projectors and the films near 3 hour running time, hope these decisions don’t bite him in the ass. Nolan’s name will bring the people in droves regardless 😀


  15. polarbears16 says :

    So excited for this. I wonder what Chastain will be doing in this movie, considering her roles in the trailers are just “person standing in a cornfield”.


    • Tim The Film Guy says :

      She will actually be playing McConaughey’s daughter grown up. You see a theory of high speed travel is that it would result in time dilation. McConaughey will experience time much slower than the people on earth 😀


  16. gilbertspeaks says :

    Oh my God!!! This is the best of the trailers I’ve seen. Thank you, Tim, for sharing now for that strange light shape…could it be something like a wormhole highway leading to other solar systems and planets??? I can’t wait to see this movie


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