Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) Review

Watching this film might be the most disappointed I have ever been in a Cinema. I have been waiting years for this film. Hyped right from the start and only built since then. So yeah this was a really, really bad film. The story was to say the least convoluted and stuffed with 6 films worth of concepts which just made it messy. The acting was either bad or they were given nothing to work with, and don’t get me started on the dialogue. Boo, just BOOO!

“20 years in Gotham Alfred, we’ve seen what promises are worth, how many good guys are left? How many stay that way.”



The General public is controversial over having superman on their planet and letting the dark knight pursue the streets of Gotham. And while this is happening, a power-phobic batman tries to attack superman, meanwhile, superman tries to settle on a decision, and Lex Luther, a millionaire, tries to use his own advantages to fight the man of steel.

Tim’s Film Reviews Not Recommended

Story: 40%     Acting: 50%     Characters: 10%     Dialogue: 0%

Action: 80%     Style/Sound: 10%     Visuals: 80%

Total: 38%


Zack Snyder you are one depressing puppy. Seriously what was that all about? I mean we have all known you have affection for greyscale but to have no joy or hope at all makes the whole affair pointless! Doomsday was wasted and to be honest just a weird bit at the end of the film. The fight between Batman and superman, you know the reason we bought the ticket! It was a lame fight; seriously it wasn’t even that long. 2 hours and 30 minutes and we get maybe 4 minutes of Batman v superman.  The whole thing was just sad with the occasional kick ass scene that was all too brief and then more sad. As for the dialogue let’s just say the only time it’s going to get quotes is in the occasional mocking reference. There are some fantastic “Do you Bleed” Meme’s!


When it was there the action was strong but something was very off about it. Normally Batman is the brawler who can take on the whole underworld, which he does in this. However he also takes this approach to Superman and that’s just not very clever, and really being clever is all batman has in this fight. Also Batman kills a lot, and I mean he really doesn’t give a shit about firing off his mini gun from a car or plane. Which I don’t mind in a none canon story in the odd dark Batman series but this is supposed to be the start or should I say dawn of a superhero franchise. I mean batman shouldn’t be arrested for being a vigilante he should be put in Maximum security Prison for murder and torture. At least in Man of Steel superman didn’t purposefully destroy and kill. It’s just a terrible way to start this franchise. They need to 180 this shit yesterday.

Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice



At the end of the credits it shows a weeping Ben Affleck who commits Seppuku after watching the completed film for the first. I still booed. However the other big spoiler is Superman’s death which is of cause terrible. Or it would be if I cared even a little. Maybe a near death experience will give him a new lease on life. Damn well better.


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30 responses to “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) Review”

  1. joehendo96 says :

    Please watch the Ultimate Edition because it is honestly a major improvement, it lives up to the great film that the Comic-Con trailer showcased, and it’s a great continuation of the Superman character from Man of Steel.


  2. atothewr says :

    I just don’t see why this one has been viewed with such hatred. I honestly enjoyed it, but I don’t get out to the movies much these days. That might have something to do with it. I do think Ben was an excellent Batman, but you raised a good point about this being part of a bigger Batman series. He shouldn’t be killing in this one if it is supposed to be the new Batman. If it was just a one off movie then I can see it being okay.

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  3. Chris Evans says :

    Oof! Another negative punch for poor old BvS, some good thoughts Tim – I actually enjoyed it despite some obvious flaws (some have even said it’s much better second time around). Luckily Warners have drafted in Geoff Johns and given Ben Affleck a bigger rile behind the cameras to re-adjust the DC films going forward.

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  4. Parlor of Horror says :

    I actually liked this too. and I’ve been pretty burned out on the same plot in every Superhero film in the last 5 years. I think the only problem is it should have been 2 movies because the plot transitions were too fast.


  5. Dan O. says :

    Tries to do a whole lot, but honestly, doesn’t fully work as well as it should. Nice review.

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  6. Three Rows Back says :

    Good to have you back mate!

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  7. The Celtic Predator says :

    Just a tad hyperbolic, aren’t we?


    • Tim The Film Guy says :

      Care to explain?

      Am I over exaggerating?

      Is the film?



      • The Celtic Predator says :

        I’m not necessarily balking at your complaints themselves, as I myself was laughing at some of the self-serious dialogue like, “Tell me, DO YOU BLEED?” And it can’t stand for a script rewrite, to say the least.

        However, I am asserting that a film so competent in so many areas shouldn’t be dismissed out of hand. I understand this film’s style is not for most people — I wasn’t an overwhelming fan of Man of Steel, either — but I can’t in good conscious fault it for some inconsistent editing and cheesy lines when virtually every other blockbuster out there has the same problems.

        To that end, it’s special effects, action, soundtrack, and overall production values were excellent. I also cared about the characters *because* they felt so conflicted and contradictory. They felt real, rather than some generic stereotype. I went into greater detail in my own review of the film, but if a movie looks good, sounds good, and has characters I can relate to, I can’t hate it no matter how hard I try.

        I could understand ambivalence or apathy toward this film, but I can’t sympathize with fans’ intense dislike, disappointment, let alone hatred. I mean, look at BvS’ director: Zack Snyder. Controversial films are his MO! That’s his entire career, splitting folks right down the middle.

        I just don’t know what people were expecting…


        • Tim The Film Guy says :

          I agree with most of what you say and my score does reflect that to a point. I give a great score for Visuals and the action but the negatives to me far and above outweigh the positives.

          As for what I was expecting. A well made film would be nice. This film had so many deep problems that I didnt even get into in the review. Its not a terrible film but it a bad film 😦


  8. daviruz says :

    The man is back. where you been?

    Weirdly, I loved the movie. Maybe because am tired of superheroes always taking the moral high ground when doing the opposite would solve the problem. Though I agree with you that DC needs to do better.

    Welcome back man

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    • Tim The Film Guy says :

      I get your point however this film is poorly made. The concept I was fine with. Super happy this was getting made and loved the trailers. However the execution was just aweful!

      Good to be back!


  9. Drakulus says :

    Still haven’t seen this because I wasn’t ever excited for it in the first place. I would have preferred an actual sequel to Man of Steel to help build Superman’s character up instead of shoving more Batman down our throats. I’m going to wait for a blu ray release before I watch this, but I’m going in with a open mind. I did really love Man of Steel, but I just don’t agree with the cast in this film at all.

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  10. boxofficebuzzab says :

    Yay! Glad to see you back and reviewing films! Don’t think I’m crazy, but I actually liked this film more than I was expecting to. 😉 I went in with zero expectations, and found there were some parts I enjoyed. I liked Ben Affleck as an older Bruce Wayne, and I thought Wonder Woman was pretty cool. But yeah, DC is nowhere near Marvel’s levels when it comes to movies. They definitely haven’t earned their Justice League team-up film yet.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Tim The Film Guy says :

      Thanks 😀

      However my expectation were high and rightfully so. It should have been great, it could have been great and it was far from it!

      Justice League will be a lame duck of epic proportions if it follows this films lead.

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