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Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) Review

Watching this film might be the most disappointed I have ever been in a Cinema. I have been waiting years for this film. Hyped right from the start and only built since then. So yeah this was a really, really bad film. The story was to say the least convoluted and stuffed with 6 films worth of concepts which just made it messy. The acting was either bad or they were given nothing to work with, and don’t get me started on the dialogue. Boo, just BOOO!

“20 years in Gotham Alfred, we’ve seen what promises are worth, how many good guys are left? How many stay that way.”


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Hiatus over!

Yes I am truly back. As bitter and angry as ever. Going to be reviewing films, the odd trailer and maybe even some movie news.

If your wondering why I left my reviews for nearly a year then (wow a year!) I havent got an answer but I am refreshed and have plenty of opinions to share with you all.

Sadly the worst part of my break was that I also never really visited anybody elses sites and reviews. I am sorry and will be trying to give everyones sites a good look.

Now as for what’s next I will be reviewing Batman V superman first, that’ll be out later today or tomorrow. As a slight teaser I was actually going to start the reviews as soon as that came out but after watching it I pushed it back to now.

Then I’ll review Deadpool, Captain America and a couple of other films I’ve seen.


Taken 3 (2015) Mini Review

First review of 2015!!! Tak3n haha that title. Ah January a time of year where good films do not tread. Taken 3 is awful. It’s really, really bad. Serious stinking mass of crap. These films have taken (ah!) a real dive since the first. Taken 1 great. Taken 2 alright but ludicrous. Taken 3 is lazy garbage, there is no excuse.

I’ll go into more detail below, got trailers and images below. Check it all out and give me a like and a comment at the end.


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Summer Box Office 2014 Results

Am Back! And you didn’t even know I left. Sorry for being away from the blog for a while and I may have also neglected some of the blogs I follow. Sorry about that. However I just realised I forgot to review Guardians of the Galaxy and as a result also haven’t read anyone’s reviews. However they are all bookmarked so when my review is out expect some comments.

So to this post, who won the box office this summer, the time of the blockbuster! Some upsets, some shockers and some we easily predicted. Read the rest of the post after the break and leave me a comment.


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Good Points To Films I Hate Part 1: The Last Airbender

This will not be a review this is more of an opinion piece, so no scores or review structure, in fact it’s a Q&A between me myself and I. The post will just be a feature including the highlights (if I can find any) such as moments of hilarity or diamond acting in the turd that is this movie. Look for meme’s and disguised insults, I mean compliments just compliments.


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The Opinions Are In & The Vote Is Finished

I needed you to vote for my next feature post and you did, more than I expected. I do have some other posts in the timeline such as the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer #2 review and the X-Men Days of Future Past film review. However the first feature post will be coming out next Friday. I didn’t mention this in the last post but all of the feature posts will be done but the order will be by the most votes. Check out the winner and the exact details on what they will be after the break.


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Tim The Film Guy Wants Your Opinion

I need you to vote for my next feature post. The next post is obviously going to be my Godzilla review. But the next few are going to be upto my readers. What I want is for you to look over my somewhat vague voting poll with a list of half thought out posts and vote for which you would most like to see. I know they are simple but it gives me somewhere to shoot with these things.

My Godzilla review should be out sometime this weekend or Monday depending on what I am doing. For now though proceed to the poll and please vote.


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Summer Box Office 2014

Plenty of my readers know that I love a good box office prediction, and so what’s better than to predict who will win the most tightly contested season the summer, well nothing really. 2014 has a very mixed summer filled with all kinds of films; this will mean very different numbers and makes predicting them quite difficult. Normally it’s easy to see how well a sequel will make but this summer we have 3 franchises alone that have been rebooted and in their own right having sequels. That being said below is my 10 favourites to win the summer box office, not which I think will be good or that I want to win just that they will bring in the green (or whatever colour money is in your respective countries). Think I am wrong or just want to join in? Then post your 10 favourites to win in the comments section below.


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Shitfest 2014: Winter ~ X-Men: The Last Stand (2006)

Tim The Film Guy is a big nerd and I love my comics and superheroes. The movies have been both good and bad to this genre over the years but very rarely does a steaming pile of s*** fly at you like this film did. X Men 3 isn’t alone in the s*** comic movie world, it’s joined closely by Spiderman 3 and Green Lantern, but this one has a special place for me as the worst of all. Bryan Singer might not have achieved anything special with the first two in my eyes but they were still pretty good and I saw potential. Brett Ratner destroyed this series and it took 5 years for Matthew Vaughn to claw it back. 

…and continues.


Click here for full review and check out the rest of Shitfest: Winter.

5 Worst Films of 2013

This is my list of the worst films released in 2013 that I had the misfortune to watch. I really enjoyed making my top ten films of 2013, but now it’s time for my worst of list and I really hate making, almost as much as watching the films on it. You might want to read my full reviews because I have heard my reviews of terrible films can be quite funny, my angry nature as I write about them must clearly bring tears to people’s eye. If anyone disagrees then get help because these are awful, otherwise please enjoy. Next post will be my most anticipated films of 2014 so keep an eye out.


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