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Winners of Best Films 2012 part 1 & Best Films of Nolan

Best Films of 2012 – Part 1

Ok so we are now into the 7th month of the year so I thought I would put my favourite films of the year into monthly winners for the first half of 2012. Obviously part 2 won’t be coming out until January next year so keep an eye out for that when I will also reveal my winner of the year in genre categories (nobody really cares, just look at the pretty posters). Each winner is only put in a mini review but has been linked to the full reviews if you want to read more.

The Best of Christopher Nolan

“Hollywood deserves a better class of director… and I am going to give it to them” – Christopher Nolan. Ok so he didn’t actually say that, but you got to admit that it would be pretty great if he said that at an interview and very true quite frankly.


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