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300: Rise of an Empire (Trailer #1) Review

300 might not have been everyone’s cup of tea but as a blood thirty male I found great joy in watching the sword and sandal mayhem. I had my doubts about the plot of this one and how they could make a sequel but after some research I actually really like the idea behind this film. Now onto the trailer and boom! We get battles, 6 packs, horse riding, boat crashing and oceans of Greek/Persian blood. The boats interest me because very rarely do you ever see ancient naval warfare and Athenians where famous for their navy, just hope somebody says Ramming Speed! And gets those drums going. In conclusion trailer good, Tim want more and yet now I must wait until 2014, such horrible thing to do teasing me with a trailer! Hope you enjoy the trailer and stills I managed to grab. Comment and like at the end please.


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