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Man of Steel (Trailer #3) Review

First thoughts after watching this trailer was that the 14th June is far too long a wait. Anyway this trailer didn’t waste any time, opening with a battle on Krypton, which couldn’t have looked cooler unless I saw it on an IMAX screen. On my previous review of trailer #2 I totally called Hans Zimmer’s score to be used on the 3rd trailer and it was and it’s brilliant! It’s got Zimmer’s usual sound but a bit more upbeat to match with what the films theme of superman seems to be. The scene as he takes off just gives me goose bumps. Notice how I haven’t talked much about the EPIC stuff going on in this trailer? That’s because I’ll be talking about them all in the top scenes section, which may have a few blurry images due to breakneck speed of the action. Now the wait begins to see the Man of Steel kick all kinds of ass. Oh God it looks so good! I expect comments of praise from all of you.


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What’s Tim Looking Forward To?

Believe it or not I couldn’t think of a better title, at least it will stand out of the crowd (Like an ugly person). This is a list of films I am most looking forward too in 2013. First off the list will only go to July because I don’t judge a film until I have at least seen a trailer and no films past there have had one yet. Second it’s not a list of what I think will be impressive to all but rather a list of films I think will be very fun. Films are entertainment, that’s how I watch them and that’s how I judge them. For a more comprehensive list I have a page for new releases, these are UK release dates.

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Man of Steel (Trailer #2) Review

This is my first trailer review and I thought I would start doing them when I see one I know I could talk about, well this is one I can talk about. Wow this trailer was spectacular and a real bump up from the teaser trailers that came before it. This trailer if nothing else looks like The Man of Steel will be the superman film fans have been waiting for, and as a fan I am rather giddy because it really blew me away. Bring on June!
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