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Box Office Predictions (5-7th July)

YES!!! This is the weekend I have wanted to get into since I started doing the Box Office Predictions, get ready for an epic win and an epic fail. The two new releases, first is Despicable Me 2 an animated children’s film following a massively successful first instalment with mass family appeal and big tracking numbers, and the second release is The Lone Ranger which haha should be fun to watch (not for Disney) so how will this unbelievably bloated excuse for a blockbuster do? The returning films The Heat and White House Down won’t be bothered too much this weekend but how much lower can they go and Monsters University should take whopping drop with the release of its biggest Competition Despicable Me 2. Will I get the numbers spot on? Will your predictions beat mine? Well the only way to find out is to read this prediction post and the results on Monday and go watch some movies, now to the breakdowns.


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